Sesame carrot salad

To start // Finely slice a bunch of carrots on the mandolin. Chuck them in a pan with a splash of sesame oil, dash of maple syrup, finely grated/minced ginger (about a teaspoon) a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Toss together over heat- you don't need to look them much (crunch is a desirable thing), just get them glossy and warm.

Veg veg veg // Mix through a combination of chrysanthemum (if you can get them) and rocket leaves. Any dark green leaves that are yummy raw would do the trick here though: baby spinach, kale, tatsoi, bok choy, and even young broccoli. I tend to use what’s looking good at the farmers market on Sundays.

Dressing // Give it a final splash of sesame, lemon and salt if it needs it- sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over to serve- cashews or almonds are tasty on this too.